thirteen twenty-five

This is a question we are frequently asked in regards to both Interior Design and Custom Building. The answer is really important to us. Our specialty is a quality, in-depth search to discover who you are. In both the building and design work, we represent the possibility of creative thought and the actual physical reality of “personal” space. Our term for our services is “holistic” as it truly encompasses the overall needs of body, mind and spirit. What do you need to help support your actions, emotions, interests, your family – your down time? This is the focus of our work and it becomes so much more rewarding because of the people we share it with. Each home we work on takes on the signature of you, not us!

Recently, on a return visit to a client we were able to experience re-entering a truly beautiful space that was a reflection of the owners. Her first comment to us was that during the last year her new family room had actually supported her with a quiet, peaceful spot through a very stressful year. Believe me, that kind of comment is pretty much what we live for!

We appreciate the opportunity to enter other people’s lives and hopefully “adding to” the quality of theirs!

Thanks to all!
Margie and John

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