At Slovack-Bass, we thrive by being able to collaborate with clients and come to a deep understanding of their needs and desires. Through every step of the interior design process, you can count on us for clear communication and attention to detail. If you are looking for a true design partner, let’s design together!

Slovack-Bass creates an interior design aesthetic that reveals a splendor of beauty, creativity, and functionality – a reflection of sophistication that has transformed our homes for over 25 years. They are an amazing team with a design approach that has, time and again, significantly increased the value of our homes. Through the years, we have sold many, leaving new owners with a home that not only looks incredible but feels spectacular – the design effects are significant.

Process Steps

Design Process 1 = Connect & Listen
Our initiation into your vision begins with you! We will want to talk through your priorities, your lifestyle patterns, your family needs. Bring your pictures and your plans to start the creative process!
Design Process 2 - Inspire & Collaborate
Development, from architectural stage through exterior & interior surfaces. This is an inspired process that is built on collaboration with you. We are always listening and partnering!
Design Process 3 - Create & Present
The creative processes builds layer upon layer, with each space thoroughly considered. Our ability to “begin with the end in mind” is why the design integrity is always at the heart of our creative development and becomes evident during client presentations.
Design Process 4 - Communicate & Pursue
Communication of every decision made through presentations is our hallmark. Every detail is noted in construction documents for builders, subcontractors or workrooms. This core step truly directs all parties to the end result. We maintain constant follow-up, and the “make it happen” spirit to pursue completion of each part of the project.
Design Process 5 - Complete & Celebrate
We work with every background, every furnishing, and every workroom to an agreed date. This allows us to shop, produce, and store all interior elements, moving toward a truly complete installation of your project. The backdrops are set for placing every single piece, from window coverings, area rugs, furnishings, and every art piece hung! Once every accessory is finalized we light the candles, pour the champagne, and celebrate with you!